The Flow Tarot….

the tarot of the water element

The Flow Tarot: The first 78-card tarot deck based entirely in all forms of the water element.

Imagine that all the water on Earth, from the beginning of time until just this moment, could be swirled together into a single being, with a single voice. And this being stood before you, offering you all the wisdom of its experience. And all you had to was ask….

Welcome to the Flow Tarot: The Tarot of the Water Element.

Flow Tarot is the only tarot deck based completely in the water element. The four suits correspond to four states of water on Earth: Waves (salt water), Ponds (fresh water), Snow, Clouds. Each image and meaning is deeply connected to the lessons you can learn from water.

And its first message is this: Just like these cards, you too are a portal. You carry the same vast endlessness of the water element inside you wherever you go. Because you are, and always have been, a child of water. 

So ask for guidance. Make a connection. Welcome in change or let something go. Remember how to flow. The cards are waiting for you….

Flow Tarot Guidebook

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Who is this deck for?

 • If you are a water soul — someone who feels a deep connection to it, from the beach to the rain to a high mountain stream — this deck was made for you.

• If you are a creative seeker — an artist or writer who wants to bring more of the elements into their creativity — this deck was made for you.

• If you are a tarot lover — someone celebrates indie deck and would love a watery reinterpretation of this age-old system — this deck was made for you.

• If you simply want a deeper connection to the water around you — with images that can become a doorway to that deeper reflection — this deck was made for you.

What does the ancient element of water have to teach us?

Water teaches us that we can change, without changing who we are.

Water teaches us that, like rivers, we can be powerful and gentle, fast and slow. The exact same water that thunders through rapids is lapping gently around the next bend. So too can we thunder one moment and ease into gentleness the next.

Water teaches us that, like a deep winter snow, that sometimes we have to give in to stillness. And sometimes we have to let go and melt.

Water teaches us that, like clouds, we can hold more than we ever thought possible.

Water teaches us that, like glaciers, we can endure.

Water teaches us that, like the water cycle, we are deeply interconnected. As humans, we drink rain water and cry saltwater. We are the embodiment of water cycle, walking around on land.

Water teaches us we are so much bigger than we seem. We are both the small and the large, the finite and the infinite. We are a drop in the world, and the world in a single drop. And each one of us holds an ocean of potential inside.


The painter has the universe in her hands. -Leonardo da Vinci