Flow Tarot PPP Guidebook

A guide to using the Flow Tarot

This deck was created with the idea of communicating with the Ancient Water Element: The timeless, ageless water that has wrapped our planet from the beginning, and will be here until the end.

If it had a voice, had a memory, had a way of communicating and could gently advise humans when called upon, what would it say?

What message would it bring to you? What would its voice sound like? A man? A woman? Neither? Both? Or would it be a symphony of different voices, all moving together? 

Would it be young or old? Would it speak slowly, like a bubbling stream, or impart its wisdom in thunderous bursts, like the pounding surf?

Imagine coming to the edge of the land and sitting before the Ancient and Timeless Water Element. Sit down on the sun-warmed sand, close your eyes and ask your questions. Then imagine the surf carrying a gift to you. You open your eyes. On the beach, being revealed by the retreating waters, are a set of images. Portals. Cards you can hold and carry with you. Messages you can take away with you, and refer to again and again, even when you are far away from the water’s edge. 

These cards are your connection to the Ancient Water Element. You can ask it for guidance no matter where you are. And through the images and symbols and systems, it reveals to you a bit of its vast endlessness when you need it most. And it reminds you that, just like these cards, you are also a portal. You carry a bit of that vast endlessness inside you as well, because you are, and always have been, a child of water.

Welcome to the Flow Tarot: The Tarot of the Water Element.

Download the PPP-exclusive pdf guide to help you journey through the Flow Tarot.


The painter has the universe in her hands. -Leonardo da Vinci